A quick trip to Vegas

When we asked my sister-in-law and her friend how they wanted to spend their final weekend of holiday in LA, they responded with a different L-A — Las Vegas!

Vegas 2017

As cheesy as it is, husband and I kinda love Las Vegas. No matter how many times we make the drive, there is something exciting about seeing those lights on the horizon as you drive out of the darkness of the desert. And then, even though we aren’t big gamblers, we love wandering the strip – popping in each of the hotels and taking in the bizarre spectacle that is Vegas.

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation…

Vacation?  Hahahahaha!!!! This is America, we don’t have vacation-time, so don’t be ridiculous.

In all honesty, since I last blogged about the 4th of July a LOT has happened.  I’ve traipsed many miles, done a lot of stuff, had some pretty big wins, and some massively epic fails.  This is that story in a nutshell… Or the best parts of it anyway.

We rode the paddle-boats on Echo Park Lake for the first time and it was better than expected.

Echo Park Lake

I went to the LA-area Emmys for work, which was an interesting experience that afforded me the opportunity to meet Charles Phoenix and the incredible Richard Sherman. (In celebration husband and I watched the best bits of Mary Poppins when I got home that night.)

LA Emmys 2016

We traveled to England for the shortest trip we’ve ever made overseas – 4 days!  I’m still not sure how we managed to fit so much into such a short span of time, but we totally did.  We saw the family, went to a wedding, had a day to enjoy ourselves in London and met up with college friends.  It was a really fun, whirlwind trip, and I’m so glad we proved to ourselves that we could manage to make a transcontinental trip work in so few days.

London 2016

We also managed to squeeze in a trip to Vegas for our 8th Wedding Anniversary (I’ll share more photos from that later this week!)

It’s hard to imagine, and I feel like I say this every year, but this was truly the busiest summer of my life.  And now here we are, officially into October!  Even though I love summer, I’m excited to get into an autumnal kind of mood.  And this is the very beginning of the holiday season, which just delights me.

Last night, I unpacked my Halloween decor and began decorating our living room with little pumpkins and spooky touches here and there.  My fall wreath is now hanging on our front door and it feels like the season is in full swing!

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