A Valentine for your Cat: Heart-Shaped Catnip Mouse

If you’re anything like me, Valentine’s day sparks a desire to share some sweetness with all the loves of your life – human and feline.

As my own cat counterpart is in need of some new toys, I figured the upcoming holiday would be the perfect excuse to whip up a catnip-filled, heart-shaped mouse pounce toys. This cute little mouse is really simple and quick to make, all you need is a few materials and about 30 minutes to spare.

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Hey July

Happy 4th of July friends! I love the way summer is in full swing here in Los Angeles. The heat is a bit intense, but I just adore being able to run out in a sundress, sans sweater, and enjoy the sunshine until 8pm.

July 4, 2017

This long, holiday weekend allowed for some time with my family. My younger brother and his girlfriend came down from NorCal, we celebrated my older brother’s birthday, and toasted the ideals of independence. It also gave me some time to explore my parent’s back garden (which is busting with new life!)

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