DIY Honeycomb Shelves on a Budget

I love the look of hexagonal wooden shelves, like these from Urban Outfitters.  My problem is with the price… so I decided to make a shelf set of my own.  
Knowing that I wasn’t going to display anything too large or heavy on my honeycomb shelves, I opted to create the look with a much lighter material, specifically paper-mache gift boxes from
At only 4 bucks a pop, I bought seven boxes and had them shipped to my home.  I removed the lids and set aside for another project (still not sure what that will be, but I am sure it will be fabulous!)  I laid out the seven boxes on the floor and moved them around till I got an arrangement I liked.  Taking a bit of hot-glue, I secured the sides together and allowed to dry.  
Next, I gave the whole thing a few coats of gold spray paint, giving it an instant jolt of pretty! Because it is so light, this honeycomb shelf was super easy to mount on the wall and while it can’t hold anything too weighty, it’s perfect for displaying photos, little succulents, and cute nicknacks! 

This may be my favorite DIY project in a while.  I’m so pleased with the finished result and it was quick, easy and so inexpensive to pull together, thereby ticking off all the boxes I like in my projects!

Mason Jar Snow Globe Tutorial

When I saw these beautiful Mason Jar snow Globes at Anthropologie, I knew they had to be mine…Then I checked their price tag and I knew I had to make them myself.  And how easy are they to make?  On a scale of 1 to 10, they are a 1.  These simple crafts can be made with just a few basic items and take all of 5 minutes.  Here’s the how-to:

You’ll need-
Mason jars with lids
Miniature Christmas Trees (these were bought at Michael’s)
Fake Snow (bought at Pottery Barn)
Glue Gun

Start by gluing your trees to the flat saucer like lid by using just a dollop of hot glue.  Be sure to glue it to the side of the lid that goes inside the jar.  Mine were already white colored, but if yours aren’t you may want to add a coat of white paint first.

Next pour just a bit of snow into your mason jar. 

Close the lid onto the mason jar with the tree pointing downwards.  When you lid is securely shut, flip the jar over, letting the snow fall on your tree.  Tap to get the snow in bare patches.

And that’s it!  Beautiful homemade Anthropologie-Style snow globes that you can make for well under the $35 dollars I would have paid to buy them.  Fabulous and festive!  
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Christmas Past and Present

For years now I have been trying to put together a holiday art journal or scrapbook.  Something that captures all the amazing little moments Husband and I have shared over the holidays since we’ve been married.
But I’ve never been quite able to find a system that works when it comes to holiday scrapbooks.  Not exactly sure why, but either the paper, the pictures, or the album – none of it seems to come together the way I’d like.
But like Charlie Brown kicking a football, I am going to give it another try this year.  So far I’ve consolidated numerous previous attempts into this single binder…

In my quest for finding the perfect method for holiday memory keeping, I stumbled upon the Snap Album series from Simple Stories and I am pretty much smitten.  I love the 6×8 sized binder and page protectors that fit all sizes of photos and embellishment paper.  It makes documenting the everyday moments quick, easy and cute.  I plan to buy a few more of these albums and fill them with a bunch of photos and memories I’ve been putting off scrapbooking for too long!

Pretty much all the photos shown here were taken on my phone and then I just used my Canon Pixma App to print them out on my wireless printer.  Simple.

How are you documenting your daily Christmasing? 

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A Very Awesome Advent Calendar

I must admit, Husband and I do usually buy one of those Cadbury Advent Calendars with the paper doors and chocolate shaped like snowmen inside (and we probably will do again this year) because cheesy though they may be, we love them and it’s tradition.  But, thanks to my Aunt Christy, I have another advent calendar in my home that’s much prettier… As such, this one has a special spot in our living room…

The great thing about this advent calendar is that it was completely homemade and uses vintage items like a forgotten earring, old broaches, and homemade bows and tags.  Each day we simply take an item off the calendar and hang it on the adjacent white feather tree and voila!  As Christmas approaches, the little tree will get more and more dazzling with creative ornaments!

The best thing about this advent calendar is that it would be easy to replicate (with a bit of a knick knack collection anyway) and makes a superb gift.  All you need is a stretched canvas, 24 tags, 24 “ornaments” tied up with string, 24 brads and number stamps.  Simply stamp your tags, then measure out the spacing of your tags for each row and attach them to the canvas with the brads.  Then simply add your ornaments and you’re done!

Happy Advent Calendaring! 

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Tutorial – Make a Customized Iphone Case

Iphone cases have become as important to accessorizing your look as earrings or a purse.  So it’s only natural to want to customize one to your own tastes and styles.  Here’s a super simply way to do just that.  You will need:

♥  1 Speck Clear Iphone Case

♥   Selection of photos sized to fit your phone…Depending on how many you want to collage.  You can       also use magazine or catalog clippings, fabric, wrapping paper, you name it!

♥   1 Piece of plain printer paper

♥   Clear Double Sided Tape

♥   Scissors

Simply trace the IPhone case on a plain sheet of paper, and be sure to trace a cut-out for your camera.  Cut it out and put aside.  
Now comes the fun part.  Create your design from magazine clippings, catalogs, photos, whatever and arrange it on your paper.  Once you have it the way you like, secure it with your double sided tape. 

Trim any access and simply place on the inside of your case before attaching you phone.  And that’s it! I love the idea of continuing to change up the design depending on my mood or the seasons – The possibilities are endless! 

Project Life

Scrapbooking has always been something I enjoy, but lately I just haven’t managed to find the time for it.  So I figured I’d give Project Life a try.  It’s simple, streamlined and much faster than traditional scrapbooking.  Here’s a look at what I’ve done so far…

I have just a random assortment of pictures, so it’s a bit all over the place, but I kind of like that.  I am itching to do more and stock up on more page protectors and accessories.  Looks like I’ve got the Project Life bug!