That Time We Slept in a Log Cabin…

By Heather Toner

Another remembrance from our road trip this past summer…
We had left the presidential birthplace landmarks of Andrew Jackson and James K. Polk.  We maneuvered up the North Carolina highway, doing our best to avoid rain and bad traffic.  I had no idea where we were bound, but out of the rainclouds a mountain peak soon emerged…
The boy turned off the highway, and up a narrow dirt road.  As we rounded a bend, a fleet of little log cabins came into view and we found ourselves in a rustic little paradise – quiet, peaceful and lit by the fleeting glimmer of fireflies!

Have you ever seen such an adorable, magical-looking cottage?  I’d love to go back someday…

Who is James Polk?

By Heather Toner

Another presidential birthplace that had to be visited on our way through North Carolina…James K. Polk.  Who’s that?  Funny you should ask.  There was a museum on site to answer that very question!
I should mention, that this place felt way out in the middle of nowhere.  Maybe that’s just the city girl in me, but it seemed desolate.  AND a huge storm was moving in, so all I could think whilst taking these photos was “We should be getting a move on.”  But presidential landmarks outrank ominous weather patterns.  Always.
This pyramid actually marks the spot of JKP’s birth-home

I’d like to thank North Carolina for sharing her presidential history with us and for holding off the rain till we took pictures of Polk’s birthplace pyramid…You’re a classy dame NC!

Abes on Lincoln

By Heather Toner

We visited Abes on Lincoln before dinner at The Olde Pink House. It had low ceilings, a great atmosphere, and is apparently a favorite watering hole for Savannah’s punk rockers and alternative liberals. We sat around the bar, sipping our ales and eves dropping to the locals and their complaints about living in a right-wing southern state.
But when we inquired the group of bar flies if they knew where we could go to buy records, none could give us an answer, leading the boy and I to believe they were all talk and no bite. 
Still, Abe’s was a great little pub. Full of pictures of the president for which it is named. And I for one, like enjoying a beer whilst surrounded by images of Lincoln!  

Sweet Savannah

By Heather Toner

Anytime we said “Savannah” it had to be spoken with a long southern drawl on the end… Savannuhhhh! It was one of the rules of our road trip. 
I loved Savannah. And not because of the gorgeous Spanish moss on all the trees. Or the beautiful squares lining the blocks.  Or the delicious meal we had at  The Olde Pink House.  Those were factors for my favoritism, sure. But I think what I loved most about Savannah was the feeling it gave me. A romantic feeling. 
It felt like a place from another time. A movie set. A cross between Disneyland, Avonlea, and London. There was something eerie about it too; something sad…Like long lost letters to an estranged lover that were never delivered but found years later in an old shoe box. The town had the same twinge of romantic sadness.  
There was just something about Savannah….
You can see what with the Mad Hatter Shop, the Pirates House and cinema showings of Mary Poppins, it was easy to sometimes feel like we were in Disneyland!  

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Irish Rover’s Part 3: Carrick-a-Rede

Top o’ the morning to ye all!  And yes it’s St. Patrick’s Day, huzzah!  It is raining like crazy in Los Angeles this morning so I feel like we could imagine we’re back in Ireland!  But in honor of the day I thought I’d share with you some more photos from our Irish Roadtrip!  
Here’s a look at the beautiful Irish coast line as we went on a little hike to the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge.  We weren’t able to cross the bridge as it was too windy, but just roaming the cliffs around it was exciting enough.  I felt like it was one of the most beautiful places I’d ever seen.

Those last two photos were actually taken the day after as we were leaving the coast.  The Sea was angry that day my friends!  And it was so cold and windy.  I just love how disgruntled we all look!
And finally, here is a little joke my brother-in-law sent me this morning.  It makes him proud to be Irish and I am awfully proud to be Irish too!  (Well, partially and then by marriage…It totally still counts!  And besides, I am way more Irish than most of the people who will be sporting a “kiss me I’m Irish” button today!)