Our Air B n’ B on the North Shore

When we were planning our trip to Kauai, we knew we didn’t have the money to stay in swanky hotels the entire time, so we looked into other options.  We knew about Air BnB, have heard some really good reviews, and even have some good friends who run one of their own, but we never had experienced it for ourselves until this trip.

We snagged an awesome 2 bedroom condo for an amazing rate (would have been even more amazing with another couple to split it with as there was room for at least 4 people) complete with all the amenities we could possibly want!  It had a kitchen and breakfast nook with a full ocean view, laundry in the unit, a lovely lanai, and the owners even had beach gear for us to use.  It was pretty awesome, and located in Princeville, just up the street from the glamourous St. Regis Hotel.

It had it’s own beach for residents, which actually was one of my favorite beaches of the whole trip.  It was great for snorkeling and was wonderfully quiet and secluded.  We were able to make our own coffee, and breakfast (which can add up if you’re having to buy it every morning at a coffee joint.)  And Husband even cooked a couple of fish dinners which we enjoyed in the flat!  
Bottom line?  I’d go back in a quick minute!  Mary’s place (as I affectionally call it) was the perfect retreat to get our holiday off to an amazing start, and it was a much more affordable way to experience the north shore.  And I think I may have been bitten by the Air B n’ B bug, cause now I want to use it for all of our travels and adventures!

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Kauai Mau Loa

We just got back from a wonderful 8 day trip to Kauai and I’m pretty much decided that we will need to live there one day.  It’s so beautiful.  And despite getting bitten by nearly every mosquito on the island, I had an amazing time!  
Life moves much slower over there in Kauai, and adjusting to the hustle and bustle of LA has felt exhausting… And it’s only been a couple of days!  But I am trying to keep at least a bit of the ‘Aloha’ frame of mind as I ease back into real life.  

Kauai Pink Hibiscus - Heather Toner
Hanalei, Kauai - Heather Toner
Grand Hyatt Kauai Hammock - Heather Toner
Heather Toner

This week I’ll be sharing some of our favorite Kauai places and best moments of the trip.  But if you follow me on IG (@FirebirdZine) you can see an assortment of pics I shared along the way.  Aloha! 

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I declared, “I need to be on an island.  I need to feel like I’m actually far away.  An ocean away.” 
So that’s where we are going to go…

Sometimes I think planning and anticipating a trip is the best part about taking one.  It’s been over a year since husband and I have taken a vacation and I started to feel the wanderlust creeping up inside over the last few weeks.  So we’re planning a trip to one of our favorite places – Kauai – And I can hardly wait!    
I’ll be sharing more about our plans, packing, and all that good stuff soon, but in the meantime, let me know if you have suggestions about things we should see and do in beautiful Kauai! 

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Say Say Say Room

The room we stayed in at The Union Hotel in Los Alamos is called the Say Say Say  room, because it’s the filming site of the music video of the same name with Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson.  A video that is so cheesy it’s bad, and so bad it’s gone back round to good.  Husband and I spent a good deal of time trying to create the shots from the scene, not sure we were that successful, but naturally we’re no Mac & Jack.

Even beyond that piece of music video history, the room is pretty incredible for it’s high ceilings, old fashion tub and amazing wallpaper…. I was smitten with the old fashion pattern and literally, everything was covered with it, including the tub!
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1880 Union Hotel

As much as I love Los Angeles, sometimes I need a break from our fast-paced, busy lifestyle.  So Husband and I decided to escape up the coast and spend a weekend in Santa Barbara.  But not downtown SB, we opted for something a little more rustic….

The Union Hotel dates back to 1880, and Los Alamos is truly an old western town – With really only 1 main road running through it.  The town has managed to keep all it’s old western charm with the hotel and attached saloon, a general store, and an assortment of antique stores.  But naturally, being in the midst of Santa Barbara wine country, there have been several wine tasting rooms added to the mix too – All the ones we tried were fabulous, but more on that later.  

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