5 Hiking Tips for Hipsters in Hawaii

Like how many “H’s” I got into that title?  Yeah, me too!  
So I am not a hiker, nor do I like to label myself a “hipster,” cause, lets face it, I am not very hip.  But I do have certain hipster-tendencies, so I figure that qualifies me to write this post.  
When Husband and I went to Kauai one of the items on our must-do list was hiking the Kalalau Trail on the Na Pali Coast.  Only thing is, we don’t hike.  We don’t have the shoes, we don’t have the gear, or the experience.  And yet, we wanted to make this hike happen!
In the weeks leading up to our trip, we read up on that trail – rough terrain, flash floods, and generally unpredictable hiking conditions.  It didn’t sound like something we could actually handle.  But the foolish confidence that comes with being on vacation took its toll and before I knew it, we were setting out on the trail…
Note my hiking ensemble – Converse, skinny jeans and a t-shirt I made myself using the Beautiful Mess app on my iphone.  Clearly ready for adventure! 

Now, for the tips:

#1.  When hiking in Converse the main thing to remember is that you’re a hipster, and you’re a bad-             ass. You CAN hike in these ill-suited, slippery shoes, regardless of the looks you’re given from           the more experienced, athletic, “outdoorsy” types who are passing you on the trail.  Have                     confidence, watch your step and you’ll be fine.  I hiked the first two miles of the Kalalau                     Trail in my chuck taylors and I didn’t slip once!  Endorsement for Converse!  Yay!

#2.   Take plenty of pictures along the trail and Instagram them as you go… It’s like a hipster security         blanket.  As long as there is something to Instagram you’ll feel like you belong.

#3.    Skinny jeans are actually a fantastic piece of clothing when hiking the Na Pali Coast, as they              totally protect your ankles from bug bites and the like.  Plus, you’ll look cool.  Bonus!

#4.    Humming the theme song to Jurassic Park is a sure-fire way to keep your energy up!

#5.    When fording a stream, you may want to just keep your shoes on.  I did not and it was                          unpleasant when trying to put them back on with all the massive ants that dominate the Kalalau          Trail.  

The end of the first two miles of the trail spits you out at a beautiful lagoon, bridging over to a hidden beach with tides too strong for swimming, but just right for watching with a sense of wonder for 10 minutes before heading back up the trail.  
So that’s my hipster hints for any of you who may be thinking of tackling this hike.  I guess the bottom line is if we can do it, I am sure you can too.  Just be sure to wear your skinny jeans!
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Our Air B n’ B on the North Shore

When we were planning our trip to Kauai, we knew we didn’t have the money to stay in swanky hotels the entire time, so we looked into other options.  We knew about Air BnB, have heard some really good reviews, and even have some good friends who run one of their own, but we never had experienced it for ourselves until this trip.

We snagged an awesome 2 bedroom condo for an amazing rate (would have been even more amazing with another couple to split it with as there was room for at least 4 people) complete with all the amenities we could possibly want!  It had a kitchen and breakfast nook with a full ocean view, laundry in the unit, a lovely lanai, and the owners even had beach gear for us to use.  It was pretty awesome, and located in Princeville, just up the street from the glamourous St. Regis Hotel.

It had it’s own beach for residents, which actually was one of my favorite beaches of the whole trip.  It was great for snorkeling and was wonderfully quiet and secluded.  We were able to make our own coffee, and breakfast (which can add up if you’re having to buy it every morning at a coffee joint.)  And Husband even cooked a couple of fish dinners which we enjoyed in the flat!  
Bottom line?  I’d go back in a quick minute!  Mary’s place (as I affectionally call it) was the perfect retreat to get our holiday off to an amazing start, and it was a much more affordable way to experience the north shore.  And I think I may have been bitten by the Air B n’ B bug, cause now I want to use it for all of our travels and adventures!

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I declared, “I need to be on an island.  I need to feel like I’m actually far away.  An ocean away.” 
So that’s where we are going to go…

Sometimes I think planning and anticipating a trip is the best part about taking one.  It’s been over a year since husband and I have taken a vacation and I started to feel the wanderlust creeping up inside over the last few weeks.  So we’re planning a trip to one of our favorite places – Kauai – And I can hardly wait!    
I’ll be sharing more about our plans, packing, and all that good stuff soon, but in the meantime, let me know if you have suggestions about things we should see and do in beautiful Kauai! 

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Fashion Friday: Gidget Goes Hawaiian

Before I left for Hawaii, I was sure to pack all my favorite 1960’s-style, Hawaiian flower print dresses (and yes, I have more than one dress that fits into that category.)  I had it in my mind that this trip was going to be just like Gidget Goes Hawaiian and I was going to do plenty of parading around in cute 60’s dresses like these:

Well, let me be totally honest here, the trip wasn’t really all that much like Gidget Goes Hawaiian, but I did get to wear some pretty awesome, and perfectly cheesy Hawaiian print dresses, and I definitely got plenty of wear out of all my vintage-style bathing suits (along with a few sidelong confused glances from bikini clad women by the pool.)  Here’s just a few pics….

  Outfit Details

First three dresses from Lace Affair | Fourth Dress by Nanette Leopore, found at Wasteland |
Chevron Clutch from Red Velvet | Flower Lei by me!