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magpies soft serve

Magpies Soft Serve

Labor Day may be the traditional seasonal signifier of summer’s end, but here in southern California it’s usually just the start of our most blistering summer heat! The cure for such unfavorable weather patterns? Soft serve ice cream!

show a little faith, there’s –

There is definitely something rejuvenating about seeing Los Angeles at dusk.  It’s quiet, it’s cool, and everything gets bathed in a sort of orange and pink hue that’s simply breathtaking!  It’s one of the best times to walk around our Silverlake neighborhood – when the light is pink and the air feels clear. It is…

This Must Be the Place

By Heather Toner Hey there Blogland, how ya been? Well I’ve been all kinds of busy, and I have some very big news… After nearly 7 years of living in Beverly Hills, the boy and I have moved.  We’ve moved east, to Silverlake, where (according to this Forbes article) the hippest hipster kids hang out!…