Potted in Atwater Village

There’s maybe nothing quite as enjoyable as visiting a really good plant shop. Lucky for me, Potted is just a hop, skip, and a short drive from our home!

Potted - Atwater Village

These days, plants are my favorite interior decorating staple and probably my biggest styling challenge. From having a curious cat who likes to munch on everything, to having a thumb that’s more yellow than green, finding and keeping the right plants for my home and lifestyle can be a bit tricky. But nothing gives me more confidence and inspiration than a quick stroll through one of the best plant shops around – Potted in Atwater Village.
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Color Pointes Wall Crawl – Royal Urban Art

I was feeling gloomy, as I sometimes do, and I had an intense need to surround myself in color, art, and creativity. So I went on an LA wall crawl…whilst wearing my pointe shoes.

Color Pointes - royal urban art heart wall

If you’ve never been on a wall crawl, allow me to break it down for you. Basically a wall crawl is when you drive around the city to see, and perhaps take photos of, the best painted walls and street murals in town. Los Angeles is a sort of gold mine of good walls so, like a kid in a candy store, I mapped out a few of the walls on the east side of the city that I wanted to hit.

Color Pointes - royal urban art heart wall

Color Pointes - royal urban art heart wall

First on the list is this beauty in Atwater Village. This heart wall, painted by royalurbanart, is located just off Los Feliz Blvd, just east of The Morrison Pub, the Los Feliz Golf course, and Sante D’or Animal Rescue (where I got El Guapo.) The coolest thing about this gorgeous mural is how it has evolved and become a part of the community. People have written in things they love on the hearts, their wishes, their dreams… It’s really a beautiful spot that just exudes love.

Color Pointes - royal urban art heart wall

Color Pointes - royal urban art heart wall

I had been eyeing the wall for years, always thinking, I should take some pictures there, but just could never find the time. I’m glad I finally did it. You can follow more of my wall crawl on instagram with #ColorPointes.

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That Time We Went Golfing in Los Feliz

After The Masters this year, I sort of got it in my head that I wanted to take up golf.  So naturally, the boy seized the opportunity to actually go and play a little golf with me in tow.  We went to a pitch and putt in Los Feliz and tried our hands at 9 holes.


I was not very good, and I also found myself incredibly self-conscious – Like I was back in P.E. class hoping no one could see me struggle.  Some French tourists asked us if we wanted to play with them and I said a big No Thank You to that.  (They brought their own clubs, so it seemed pretty obvious we’d be out of their league.)  But by the 3rd hole I was doing better.  I was actually hitting the ball and even having quite a bit of fun.


Who knew that I’d ever try to golf beyond that of the “mini” variety?  Can’t wait to get out to the greens again soon….Preferably in a better outfit next time.  (I’m still convinced that a good golf outfit can make or break your game! 😉

Also, there were quite a few very friendly lizzards on the green.  I see this as an additional plus.