In the Middle – And Actually Somewhat Elevated…

It’s that time of year when I do my annual birthday post in which I make a whole bunch of plans for this new year of my life which I likely won’t be able to keep, and I reflect on where I am in my life right now.

Exactly one week ago I turned 35. Thirty. Five. To me, this is officially the “middle,” and a sort of turning point in my life. As a precursor to writing this post, I went back to view the one I wrote last year, and not only did I find that I basically failed to check off nearly every item on my to-do list, it was clear that I also had no idea what was awaiting me in my 34th year. I was scared, unsure of myself, and fixated on all the things I hadn’t achieved yet – I feel very differently now.

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Hey July

Happy 4th of July friends! I love the way summer is in full swing here in Los Angeles. The heat is a bit intense, but I just adore being able to run out in a sundress, sans sweater, and enjoy the sunshine until 8pm.

July 4, 2017

This long, holiday weekend allowed for some time with my family. My younger brother and his girlfriend came down from NorCal, we celebrated my older brother’s birthday, and toasted the ideals of independence. It also gave me some time to explore my parent’s back garden (which is busting with new life!)

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation…

Vacation?  Hahahahaha!!!! This is America, we don’t have vacation-time, so don’t be ridiculous.

In all honesty, since I last blogged about the 4th of July a LOT has happened.  I’ve traipsed many miles, done a lot of stuff, had some pretty big wins, and some massively epic fails.  This is that story in a nutshell… Or the best parts of it anyway.

We rode the paddle-boats on Echo Park Lake for the first time and it was better than expected.

Echo Park Lake

I went to the LA-area Emmys for work, which was an interesting experience that afforded me the opportunity to meet Charles Phoenix and the incredible Richard Sherman. (In celebration husband and I watched the best bits of Mary Poppins when I got home that night.)

LA Emmys 2016

We traveled to England for the shortest trip we’ve ever made overseas – 4 days!  I’m still not sure how we managed to fit so much into such a short span of time, but we totally did.  We saw the family, went to a wedding, had a day to enjoy ourselves in London and met up with college friends.  It was a really fun, whirlwind trip, and I’m so glad we proved to ourselves that we could manage to make a transcontinental trip work in so few days.

London 2016

We also managed to squeeze in a trip to Vegas for our 8th Wedding Anniversary (I’ll share more photos from that later this week!)

It’s hard to imagine, and I feel like I say this every year, but this was truly the busiest summer of my life.  And now here we are, officially into October!  Even though I love summer, I’m excited to get into an autumnal kind of mood.  And this is the very beginning of the holiday season, which just delights me.

Last night, I unpacked my Halloween decor and began decorating our living room with little pumpkins and spooky touches here and there.  My fall wreath is now hanging on our front door and it feels like the season is in full swing!

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A New Place to Surf

Grab the board!

GidgetIf you’ve noticed a few changes around here it’s because I finally took the plunge – WordPress!  I suppose it was bound to happen eventually, but it took some serious coding mishaps to push me over the edge.  I’m still learning the specifics and still ironing out the fine-print, but slowly but surely, I am confident I will eventually rock the WordPress.

I hope that this little update will be like the perfect wave, and I can ride it in to the shoreline.  A slow, sparkling, and perfect wave.

DIY Honeycomb Shelves on a Budget

Life as of Lately


I’ve been working a lot.. Weekends, night shifts, and the 9-5.  I’ve pulled the face Mary Tyler Moore is doing in the above pic more than a few times in the last 2 weeks.  So many things (like blogging) have been pushed to the back burner recently.  But here’s a little recap of some of the things in my life lately….
+ I went “Sleepless” at work and this new event was one of the coolest things I’ve had the pleasure of working on.  But the whole thing took place waaay pat my bedtime, so ever since my body-clock has been a bit off.
+  I joined SnapChat.  And while I was rather adverse to the platform at first, now I’m actually really loving it.  In a strange way, it feels like classic social media.  Super personal and totally in real time. Follow me with username: firebirdzine.
+  It’s been bloody hot.  And I think the heat has been melting away my will to be productive.
+  I’ve been loving all the high-necked tops and dresses that seem to be coming into fashion.  I bought a bunch of these shirts from American Apparel and I feel like they are the perfect autumn staple (even if it is still 100 degrees outside!)
+  I’ve been listening to Jessie Ware quite a bit.  Perfect for getting me through the work day.
+ Contemplating trying Pop Physique.  The OG studio is right near my bus stop, so it’s been on my mind.  But I’m sooo out of shape, I’m nervous that a class may kill me! Has anyone tried it? Love to get your feedback!
+  Husband and I tried to have a date night to see the indie film, The Second Mother, but got our times wrong and what could have been an epic date-night-fail ended up with us having dinner at  on of our favorite westside restaurants, Sotto, instead.  Not too shabby.


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7th Year Hitched – St. Vincent and Silverlake Favorites

It’s been a bit quiet round the blog lately because I decided I needed to spend some time offline celebrating a personal milestone – my 7th wedding anniversary with husband.  It’s amazing to think how time has flown, how much has changed, and how a few important things have remained the same.  On August 30th, we celebrated our actual wedding anniversary by going to see St. Vincent (and Erykah Badu, though we didn’t stay for her set) at The Hollywood Bowl.  It was a great show.  St. Vincent is like…  a real rockstar!  She’s like Bowie.  A total performer.
Earlier in the day, Husband allowed me to go shopping at a couple of my absolute favorite shops here in Silverlake – Clover over on Rowena Ave. and Yolk on Silverlake Blvd.  They both have the coolest stuff and I picked up what I like to call “a toy surprise” at both.  I got a gold necklace with a tiny heart charm at Clover and a bottle of my new favorite perfume – Leila Lou at Yolk (smells so delicious!)


Then we extended the celebrating to this past Saturday and enjoyed a special dinner out at another Silverlake establishment, Alimento.
Alimento, headed by chef Zach Pollack, serves up some delicious authentic Italian food, in a small, casual setting.  The restaurant was a bit loud for a romantic dinner, and I wasn’t knocked out by the starters, but my main was like, the most heavenly pasta dish of my life!  (It was the radiatori with pork sugo, kale and fennel pollen in case you want to try it!) Our dessert was pretty amazing too, and the wine was simply to die for!
The rest of the weekend we took things easy, visited my parents, caught up on laundry, that sort of thing… All in all, it’s been a nice couple of weeks.  Actually, it’s been a nice 7 years!  Here’s to many more! 😉


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