Grantchester 💛 Love!

One of my absolutely favorite PBS shows is back on the air for its third season and, in celebration, I simply had to write a little something about my love for Grantchester.

Grantchester | Photo via Masterpiece

Photo via Masterpiece

Commissioned by ITV in the UK and broadcast on PBS here in the states, Grantchester is a Masterpiece Mystery show based on James Runcie’s The Grantchester Mysteries, a collection of short stories about a vicar with a knack for solving crimes in a sleepy, English village just outside Cambridge in the 1950s. The vicar is Sidney Chambers (played by the ever-adorable James Norton) – a handsome, young, sweet, though sometimes brooding guy, who loves jazz, nice whiskey and one particular young lady named Amanda who, through unfortunate circumstances, he can NEVER marry. Their star-crossed lovers’ romance is by far one of my favorite elements of the show!

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