A Valentine for your Cat: Heart-Shaped Catnip Mouse

If you’re anything like me, Valentine’s day sparks a desire to share some sweetness with all the loves of your life – human and feline.

As my own cat counterpart is in need of some new toys, I figured the upcoming holiday would be the perfect excuse to whip up a catnip-filled, heart-shaped mouse pounce toys. This cute little mouse is really simple and quick to make, all you need is a few materials and about 30 minutes to spare.

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A 1940’s Valentine

So a bit late in my recap, but better late than never right?  The boy and I had a lovely Valentine’s Day at home last week, but in an effort to make it unique, we celebrated the night with a 1940’s theme…

We got dressed up in 40’s garb, listened to jazz records from the era, and ate re-heated chicken pot pie.  The boy gave me a $5 bouquet of tulips and he remarked at how they were expensive (as this was the 1940’s after all.)

We stayed away from our many computer screens, iphones and television shows for the night and just enjoyed some quiet time together.  It was perfect.  
We did also exchange gifts, though they weren’t really in the theme of the night – I have the boy some new threads and he gave me a fancy-shmancy electric toothbrush.  Not that romantic, but certainly needed.

I really do like any excuse to tell the boy how much I love him; and as cheesy as it is, Valentine’s Day remains one of my favorite holidays!  

Measuring out Lots of Love

This week has been a bit manic for me, with work and just life stuff, but I still want to take the time to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the boy.  So I am making an effort to slow down and pay attention to all the love I have around me (which, for the record, is a LOT.)

When the boy and I were first dating, and we came upon our first Valentine’s together, he was reluctant to acknowledge the holiday.  He rightfully noted that it’s a fake holiday, created by marketers with the goal of selling chocolates and flowers.  He explained to me that he shouldn’t have an obligated day on which to tell me that he loves me, because that cheapens the sentiment.  It feels forced, pretentious and silly. 
He explained all this to me with such eloquence in his swoon-worthy British accent, and yet, I didn’t budge.  I simply explained to him that, as pretentious as it may be, I like Valentine’s Day and I want some damn flowers!  😉 
We definitely don’t need an excuse to tell one another how we feel…But it’s still nice to do it!  

Jigsaw London’s Valentine’s Day Shoot

HI All!  I just had to share this video I put together for work.  A weekend ago, I orchestrated a little photo shoot for Jigsaw London showing off our newest, most romantic outfits modeled by some of my favorite bloggers and friends!  Here’s the behind the scenes video I threw together to show just how much fun we had together.  Enjoy!

Also, be sure to enter the giveaway on Jigsaw’s blog for one of their most adorable pink bags! 

Sweet Valentines

I am definitely in the Valentine’s Day mood.  Something about hearts, flowers, red and pink just delights me year after year.  The boy is not a huge Valentine’s Day fan, and I understand his point of view.  I mean why do we need a designated day to tell the ones we love how we feel about them?  I know it’s a bit of a racket and an excuse to sell cards and flowers, but I still love the idea of Valentine’s Day.  
I’ve been curating my favorite V-day images over on Lockerz.com.  It’s a wonderful way to save and share images, inspirations and things that just straight up make me happy.  Plus, everything I share has the potential to earn me points which equate to amazing savings on some of my favorite brands!  
If you haven’t checked out Lockerz yet, I highly recommend it…It’s totally addictive and fun!  Plus you can view more of my Valentine’s Kisses Collection and help me spread the love!

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Valentine’s Day Candle

Over the weekend, I worked on a quick little Valentine’s Day craft with my mom.  She had bought a pair of tall, red, cylinder candles – The kind that are like the religious candles you can find at the super market – And we decided to cover them with some Valentine’s embellishments.

These candles are totally inexpensive and easy to personalize.  All we needed was some scrapbook paper, Valentine’s stickers and vintage-style valentines, along with double sided tape and scissors.  Simply cut your paper and embellishments to size and tape to the candle.  The scrapbook border stickers worked especially well, and the whole project took about 10 minutes to complete!  It’s a craft that’s easy to love!