Halloween Jack-O-Lantern (Sans Pumpkin)

By Heather Toner

Hopefully you all enjoyed my last two Mason Jar inspired crafts for all hallows eve – The Mechanical Pumpkin and the Spiderweb Lantern.  Here is another variation on the Mason jar lantern craft that’s perfect for the impending holiday.  Here’s how to make a Jack-O-Lantern minus the pumpkin guts….
You’ll need a few mason jars, modge podge, orange tissue paper and a black sharpie.
Same as with the Spider Web Lantern, start by cutting your orange tissue paper to fit your mason jar.   I actually used the tissue paper that cam with my most recent Anthropologie purchase.  They have some of the best tissue paper! Cut it so it wraps around the Mason Jar only once so it remains sheer. 
Use your Modge Podge to glue the tissue paper to the outside of the jar.  Make sure there are no loose pieces and let dry completely.
Taking your black sharpie, draw your dream Jack-O-Lantern Face on the flatest side of your jar directly on the tissue paper.  I was only able to make one jar, but I plan on making more and I think it would look really cool to have a myriad of different faces and expressions on different sized jars.  Don’t you think?  
Naturally the final step is to add a candle and display your jars in a place where all the ghouls and goblins out on Halloween night can appreciate them!  

 Happy Halloween Crafting!

Another Mason Jar Halloween Craft – Spiderweb Lanterns

Here’s yet another Halloween DIY that takes very little time and uses a mason jar as it’s main component.  Here’s how to make your very own spider web lanterns….

All you need is a few mason jars, modgepodge, white tissue paper and a black sharpie.  Fake spiders are optional, but very much encouraged!  
To start cut your white tissue paper to fit your mason jar.  You want it to wrap around only once so it’s sheer, and I actually like to crumple the paper up a bit so you get an imperfect crumpled look when you attach it to the jar.

Next use your Modge Podge to glue the tissue paper to the outside of the jar.  Make sure there are no loose pieces and let dry completely.
The next step requires a somewhat steady hand, but again, imperfections will actually add to the realism of this particular craft.  Taking your black sharpie, draw spiderwebs on the tissue paper.  I find it helps to start with a corner shape web and then work my way around the jar, filling in black spots.  Just remember that spider webs, while not perfect or symmetrical, do follow a pretty simple geometric pattern.  Start by drawing straight lines in a circular or half circle shape, and then connect the lines with little inward-pointing arcs.  

Finally add a candle to the jar and if your feeling extra festive add a fake spider to the top and a black tulle bow around the rim!  Put your lantern in a dim lit room and watch your spiderwebs flicker in the candle light! 

Just another haunting Halloween decoration diy! 

Made this Monday: Easy Halloween Framed Pictures

My mother is a huge Halloween fan.  Growing up, our house was always incredible around this time of year.  We were notorious around the neighborhood for having the best decorations, unique costumes and a collection of Halloween movies that would make the biggest Halloweenie jealous!
For me, Halloween was always so much fun!  Even though we’re all grown up now, my mom still manages to make the Halloween season fun for us “kids” and I find that even though I don’t do quite as much festive decorating around our place as she used to do, I still want to put a few items up that celebrate the season.  And this past weekend, my mother once again delivered with a special Halloween decor craft that’s easy, quick and looks great in our place!  
She showed me how to make these cool pictures that are easy to display and totally cool.  They are essentially copies of text, embellished with stickers or die-cuts.  We used the book the Nightmare Before Christmas, embellished with a Jack Skelington sticker, and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, embellished with a die-cut of a crow on a fence.  Make your copies in black and white and cut to fit a black picture frame. 

Then, age the paper with distressed ink, as much or as little as you like, put in the frame and you’re good to go!  
The possibilities are really endless with what you can do with this method.  How would you craft it?  I’ve got a bunch of other fun Halloween crafts for the weeks to come so stay tuned! 

Costumes in My Closet

So I originally planned to split these posts up and scatter them throughout the month of October when…what the?  Can you believe it?  October is finished!  And tonight the Great Pumpkin is already on his way!  So I figured I better get going and do one final “Costumes in my Closet” post for the big day.  In case you are new to this post series, the deal is I am going to share how I can make Halloween costumes from items in my closet and maybe only a few little extra accessories.  I’ve always been kinda a home-made costume kind of girl as I tend to find that store bought costumes are either  really expensive or  really slutty (the women’s ones anyway.)
So here are 3 more costumes all made from items I already had in my closet.  Please excuse the weird exposure…The lighting was strange in our apartment tonight.
Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of OZ

dress: Tulle    shoes: H&M   shoe clips: handmade by me
Holly Golightly
dress: Gap    necklace: Anthropologie
A Hitchcock Heroine 
dress: vintage 
And there you have it.  3 more easy and improvised costumes from my very own closet.  Did you dress up today?  Any from items you already had in your closet?  
Hope you are having a happy, safe and haunted Halloween!

Vintage Glitter Halloween Postcards DIY

I’ve been working on a few Halloweenie projects as of late.  What can I say?  I’m in the mood.  The leaves around are actually changing colors, there are lots of houses in our neighborhood with fantastically scary decorations, and the wind has a crispness to it that can only meet All Hallows Eve is just around the corner!  
Because I absolutely love vintage postcards, here’s a quick and easy way to replicate those vintage glitter cards you often see at boutique gift shops at home.  
First, find some vintage postcard images online.  You can find a bunch just by googling it or you can find a great selection over at the Graphics Fairy blog.  Here’s a few samples for you….Click the image to enlarge and save to your desktop.  This arrangement should be ready to print.
Next, print out your cards on thick card-stock.  I used a slightly manilla colored paper to lend more of a vintage look.  Be sure to format your image on the page so that it prints at a 1/4 page size.  By doing this you can fit at least 3 image on a page (as I did above.)  Cut them out without leaving too much of a border.

Finally, trace your cards with a thin line of glue, tracing as much or as little of the image as you like, and sprinkle with glitter.  Let dry and them shake off the excess glitter to reveal your sparkling and spooky vintage Halloween postcards!  Perfect to display, share with friends or use in an art journal.  

Thanks to Kait for hosting me on her blog and Happy Halloween Everyone!