Little Deers

As I mentioned before, I tend to get rather emotional when it comes time to put away all my Christmas decorations each year… I just love the magical glow they add to our home and it’s sometimes difficult to box up all that tinsel and glitter for another year.  But on the flip side, it does usually feel so clean and uncluttered when I do finish putting everything away, so I guess that’s the payoff I have to keep in mind.  
But before I do anything, I wanted to share a few snaps of some of our decorations this year, as well as some from my parents house.  Until next December little deers… Adieu!  

Picture Framing on a Budget: Canvas Solutions

As a second installment to my budgetary picture framing, today I want to share a fun way to display art using inexpensive stretched canvases.  

The boy has been very gracious about allowing me to take the lead with our home decor and wall design, but one request he had was to somehow showcase his favorite presidential campaign posters from a book I bought him a few years ago.  I should preface that this isn’t intended to be a political statement, (we’ve got Democrat & Republican posters on display,) but rather we find the art of the campaign poster compelling.  And the tag lines are pretty interesting too!  
The posters are all unusual sizes, so I knew framing would be difficult and even require a custom frame job (aka $$$.) 
So instead I did a little DIY work to make an inexpensive, but totally slick looking display!  You could easily apply this method to any artwork you’re looking to display, be it from a book, a website, or you’re own photograph!  First I bought a set of 8.5 x 14 inch white stretched canvases at Jo Ann’s Fabrics.  A pack of 10 was just $14, so my cost per picture framing was all of $1.50 after tax.  Next I scanned the posters we wanted to use to my computer and resized each so they would fit the 8.5 x 14 canvases.  I printed them out using my Canon Pixma printer.  And then came time for assembly.

To assemble my canvases I simply coated the canvas with Liquitex, centered the printed artwork on the canvas, and topped with another coat of Liquitex.  Carefully, I did my best to smooth out any air bubbles or wrinkles and then let dry completely.  Once dry the posters were ready to hang.  I decided on the layout above our staircase, hammered in nails of each and hung.  Presto!  Presidential art display!  

Now I’ve got Kennedy’s campaign poster on my wall and all for a low price of around 20 bucks for the full collection!  Looking for other inexpensive ways to dress up your walls?  Check out my previous framing on a budget post.  
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How to Do Picture Framing on a Budget: Bulldog Clips

I love the look of gallery walls, and enjoy adding cool prints, paintings, and pictures to my home that add new layers of style and personality.  But eee-ghads framing can be expensive!  Even cheap picture frames you can snag at places like Target tend to run at lead $10 a frame.  Before you know it, you’ve spent a hundred dollars on frames that you don’t even like that much!

My solution?  Bulldog clips.  They are like the Cadillac of binder clips.  These basic office supply clips allow you to hang your artwork and pictures in a fun, casual style that’s at once practical and polished!  All you need is a set of clips and some nails and you can start hanging pics at a handsome price of around a dollar total (factoring the cost on 1 clip and 1 standard nail.) 
I bought my bulldog clips in a a set at Target, but you can also buy them in bulk through Amazon. To keep the consistency of my living room decor, I painted a few of them gold using Krylon Metallic Gold spray paint.

I really like the end result and it’s so easy to switch up what you have on display with this method, you can quickly customize your wall displays for each season or mood!

(My lovely flamingo print is by local LA artist Rachel Brown.)

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Apartment Compartments

By Heather Toner

The thing about a new place is, it’s like a clean slate for a whole new design & decor concept.  I’ve been scouring the internet looking for ideas and inspiration for this new joint and actually, I find that there are too many styles and ideas I’d like to try!  But here are a few decor items I’m particularly fond of and using as something of a base for the new place…

Apartment Redesign
See more of my design inspirations on my Pinterest board Apartment Redesign.
Hope you have a beautiful day!

DIY Gold Flower Wall Art

By Heather Toner

My Aunt Jeanette gave me this adorable set of 3D flowers that adhere to walls through magnetic tacks.  I immediately thought they would look super cute over our bed, but knew I’d have to change them up a bit since all our walls are white and I wanted these flowers to stand out.
Enter the ever fabulous gold spray paint!  Just a quick couple coats and my snow white wallflowers suddenly became glorious golden buds!  One issue that I’ve always have when it comes to spray painting projects, is a lack of outdoor space in which to do it.  We have no yard, or garage space where we could use the aerosol paint, yet with this easy project, I was able to simply lay down a newspaper platform on the floor and do everything right here in our apartment, just making sure I had a few windows open for ventilation.
Once dry, I arranged the flowers above our bed in a sort of a side swept formation, as if a gust of wind had just naturally blown them that way.  But one of the best things about these wallflowers, is that I can rearrange them as much or as little as I want…I love having that kind of flexibility!
Thanks to my Aunt Jeanette for my lovely flowers!  They really all new dimension to out bedroom wall!  🙂