A Bedroom/Office Paradise

Bedroom Paradise Refresh

I am so excited to share this recent project which I started just before the new year. In doing so much freelance work, it became evident that I needed a designated space at home specifically to do work. So I decided to convert a portion of our bedroom into my personal home office/workspace. But in the process of doing that, I decided to take the opportunity to transform our boringly decorated, mishmash of a bedroom and give it a style refresh in the theme of a Hawaiian paradise!

Bedroom Paradise Refresh

Bedroom Paradise Refresh

I wish I had taken a “before” picture of this room, but I suppose I never did because it was such an embarrassment! No cohesive design, always a mess, and essentially just a space to sleep and store our stuff. The revamp began with my needs for a functioning workspace – a decent desk, supportive chair, plenty of drawer space for crafting supplies, and a better bookshelf for storing all my notebooks, crafting books, and paperwork. Because so much furniture was needed, and I knew I wanted to have a collection of pieces that was simple, modern, and plain white, I got all the necessary elements from Ikea. I’ve been trying to NOT depend on Ikea for home furnishings and decor, but when it comes to office basics, they are hard to beat for the price.

Bedroom Paradise Refresh

Bedroom Paradise Refresh

Bedroom Paradise Refresh

With my office furniture in place, it was time to restyle the space. We’re very fortunate that our bedroom is so large, but it is also on the bottom floor of our multi-level apartment, so doesn’t get much light. I figured what better way to brighten it up and bring some life to the space than with a tropical theme?

Taking inspiration from our trips to Kauai, as well as the classic color palette from the Beverly Hills Hotel, I covered our largest bedroom wall with this gorgeous leafy removable wallpaper from Tempaper – fairly reminiscent to the famous banana leaf print by Martinique, but with a more lush, jungle vibe. I added some blush pink accents, and even painted the door to my “Christmas Closet” a gorgeous pink hue!

Rather than purchase a headboard, I framed the bed with three prints of photos I took during our last trip to Kauai. I edited the shots in Lightroom and printed them out on large 13×20 inch paper using my Canon Craft Printer. I added knick knacks here and there to give the space more of a tropical flair, including a few of our tiki mugs, my collection of copper pineapples, as well as an authentic Tahitian mask that had belonged to my grandparents.

I also used a pair of faux monstera leaves to hide our unsightly fuse box. I want to add even more plants to the room to further accentuate the jungle vibe, but given that space is almost a cave when it comes to sunlight, faux is going to have to be the way to go!

Finally, I included a bit of boho chic by way of macrame pillows and a wall hanging. Rose quartz crystals are a must on my night table, and no room would be complete without an essential oils diffuser, right? I love this blend of tropical and modern bohemian, it makes the whole room just feel like home to me!

What used to be a boring, wasted space in our home has not only become a more cozy, inviting bedroom but the perfect place for me to be productive and creative as well. This room refresh has been a total game-changer in my work and my well-being at home. Thanks for letting me show it off!

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