Magpies Soft Serve

Labor Day may be the traditional seasonal signifier of summer’s end, but here in southern California it’s usually just the start of our most blistering summer heat! The cure for such unfavorable weather patterns? Soft serve ice cream!

magpies soft serve

Magpies Soft Serve is conveniently situated within walking distance of our apartment, so much like our local pizza place, this Silverlake shop has become a regular part of our daily lives. When the weather is particularly hot, there is nothing better than walking out into the warm night air and strolling over to get a cone (or cup in my case) of cool, sweet soft serve.

Magpies is always busy, but it’s never so crowded that you have to wait too long for your own scoop of ice cream. The menu is in regular flux, boasting both classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate, but mixing in a regular smorgasbord of unusual flavors like Blackberry Mascarpone and vegan options like Coconut Macaroon and Thai Tea.

magpies soft serve

magpies soft serve

A family business, Magpies is owned by Rose and Warren – two chefs with a love for desserts and nostalgic flavors. Everything is made in house, from the mix to the toppings, and the couple has created a truly charming, “instagrammable” place everyone in our neighborhood simply loves!

magpies soft serve

magpies soft serve

If you’re in the area, I totally recommend a visit to Magpies, or if you’re a valley dweller, check out their new Tarzana location.

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