A quick trip to Vegas

When we asked my sister-in-law and her friend how they wanted to spend their final weekend of holiday in LA, they responded with a different L-A — Las Vegas!

Vegas 2017

As cheesy as it is, husband and I kinda love Las Vegas. No matter how many times we make the drive, there is something exciting about seeing those lights on the horizon as you drive out of the darkness of the desert. And then, even though we aren’t big gamblers, we love wandering the strip – popping in each of the hotels and taking in the bizarre spectacle that is Vegas.

This time around, we stayed in the Excaliber hotel and, even though that hotel is a bit run down these days, we had a pretty killer view from our room…

Vegas 2017

Vegas 2017

While I am not into playing blackjack or craps, I do enjoy trying a few slot machines when I’m in Vegas ever since this trip when I won big on the first quarter I played, I like to try my luck. This time, I only won $10, but a win is a win, am I right?

Vegas 2017

Vegas 2017

During this visit, our British guests were mostly interested in staying poolside, so while they did that, husband and I explored elements of Vegas we hadn’t tried before, like Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden And Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage hotel and the Vegas Neon Museum. I’ll share more about those two amazing experiences later!

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