Cat Food Plant Holders

You read that right. These adorable tiny planters are actually up-cycled cat food tins. See how the cuteness came together…

Cat Food Planters

I love being able to find ways to use old containers or rubbish that I’d normally just throw away. There’s such a sense of accomplishment when creating something cute and useful out of something you already have on hand. With his monstrous appetite, I go through quite a lot of El Guapo the Cat’s tinned wet-food. For years, I’ve chucked the used cans in the trash, not giving them a second thought. But a few weeks ago, after rinsing out a finished can, I realized they are kind of a perfect size for a mini plant holder – ideal for air-plants!

They’d also work well as candle holders, a jewelry catch all… Honestly there is lots of potential in these little babies, if you look at them from the right angle.

Cat Food Planters

Cat Food Planters

To make my plant holders, I simply gave the tins a good wash, and gingerly pulled off the label. Then, after scrubbing off any access adhesive, I coated the cans with a couple layers of acrylic paint. I also played around with just adding washi tape, embellishing with a stripe of tape, or using it to create more intricate designs.

Cat Food Planters

Cat Food Planters

Once dry, I tucked my airplants into their new homes and presto – a perfectly sweet display!

Cat Food Planters

Cat Food Planters

I think these little containers would be adorable to house a mini herb garden… Perhaps I’ll try that next!

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