Potted in Atwater Village

There’s maybe nothing quite as enjoyable as visiting a really good plant shop. Lucky for me, Potted is just a hop, skip, and a short drive from our home!

Potted - Atwater Village

These days, plants are my favorite interior decorating staple and probably my biggest styling challenge. From having a curious cat who likes to munch on everything, to having a thumb that’s more yellow than green, finding and keeping the right plants for my home and lifestyle can be a bit tricky. But nothing gives me more confidence and inspiration than a quick stroll through one of the best plant shops around – Potted in Atwater Village.

This quaint little oasis of a shop, just beyond the Los Feliz Golf Course on Los Feliz Blvd., has a beautifully curated assortment of plants, pottery, accessories, clothes, jewelry, and natural treasures of all kinds. Every time I go in, I get a whole host of decorating ideas and a lust to become a bonafide plant lady.

Potted - Atwater Village

Potted - Atwater Village

Potted - Atwater Village

While there are some pretty pricy arrangements, pottery, rugs, patio furniture, and fountains, Potted has plenty of plants that are perfectly priced and well tended that guarantee I won’t go home empty handed! They also carry a line of clothes called Mata Traders, with which I am currently obsessed. They are a handmade, fair trade, ethical fashion company, hell-bent on empowering women and helping to fight global poverty. The last time I visited Potted, I walked away with this little red dress and I absolutely love it – it’s so light, comfortable, and flattering!

Potted - Atwater Village

Potted - Atwater Village

Potted - Atwater Village

If you’re ever in the Silverlake/Atwater Village area, I highly recommend stopping in at Potted – it’s everything a plant store should be! Happy planting!

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