Bar Cart Before and After

We had purchased this little bar cart from one our favorite Antique Malls – King Richards in Whittier – long before bar carts were cool and being sold everywhere. So it was looking a bit sad and needed a little pick me up. Luckily, sometimes all it takes to give an old piece of furniture a lift is some gold spray paint, marble contact paper, and about an hour of your time.

bar cart before and after

I’ll admit that there was something about the rundown brass of the cart’s frame that I sort of found interesting. But beyond looking pretty dingy, we had also allowed our cart to get cluttered with too many cocktail accoutrements and glasses, and it had basically become an eyesore in our living room.

bar cart before and after

bar cart before and after

bar cart before and after

The time had come to cut back on the clutter, brighten up the frame, and make the table tops more modern and appealing. Perhaps the most difficult part about this project was deciding what glassware would get to remain displayed with pride on the cart and which items would need to migrate into the cupboard. Ultimately, I chose to use display a few of our smallest tumblers, our set of tiki glasses, and only the most necessary of bar tools – a shaker, ice bucket, jigger, shot glasses etc.

After giving the cart a much-needed cleaning, I sprayed an even coat of gold spray-paint (my favorite is Krylon Premium Metallic paint in 18KT Gold) and let it dry completely before adding another coat. Once dry, I traced the somewhat odd shaped table-top onto the back of my marble contact paper and carefully cut it out, leaving just a little bit of space to account for adjustments. Peeling off the backing, I gingerly placed the contact paper on the table-top, smoothing as I went, then took an Exacto knife to the edges to crop any overlay.

bar cart before and after

I repeated the same thing with the bottom shelf and presto – a revitalized bar cart! I finished things off by placing my cut down selection of barware on the cart, along with a few essential liquors and that was it. Done!

bar cart before and after

bar cart before and after

bar cart before and after

bar cart before and after

I’m really so pleased with this quick upcycling. I just love giving older pieces new life. Now, who wants a cocktail? 😉

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