“In the Greatest City in the World”

Gidget Goes Hamilton

There is simply no topping my birthday this past December. The Boy took me to New York to see Hamilton and it was nothing short of perfect in every possible way. 

Gidget Goes Hamilton

Since getting back, people have asked me how the show was, and I immediately melt into a puddle of adjectives, trying my best to put the brilliance of what I saw and experienced into words. But what comes out sounds just like the same overhyped rantings of every other theater geek out there. So, I won’t try to describe it, but I will say, it is without question, the best piece of musical theater I’ve ever seen performed (and I’ve seen a lot.) We were also lucky to have amazing seats and see Okieriete Onaodowan perform his penultimate show as Hercules Mulligan/James Madison. Also, Javier Muñoz was absolutely brilliant as Hamilton. I feel incredibly lucky to have seen his portrayal.

In addition to seeing Hamilton, the Boy and I had a whirlwind two days roaming around the city and doing very New York-ish sorts of things. We literally had two nights in the city before our flight home on Christmas Eve at dawn, so we had to move fast and pack a lot in… We’re good like that though. We managed to do everything we wanted –  from ice skating in Bryant Park, to viewing Lady Liberty, to eating at Momofuku Noodle Bar, to having after-show cocktails at Sardi’s. Here’s a look back at the trip according to my iphone…


Gidget Goes Hamilton







Gidget Goes Hamilton

Gidget Goes Hamilton

Gidget Goes Hamilton

Gidget Goes Hamilton

Gidget Goes Hamilton

Gidget Goes Hamilton

Gidget Goes Hamilton

#GidgetGoesHamilton 2016! 😉

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