Classic Film Book Club July – I, Rhoda

I, Rhoda July Classic Film Book Club

Keeping in the Mary Tyler Moore show theme of the week, I’m currently about 1/4 the way through Valerie Harper’s memoir entitled I, Rhoda and am simply loving it!  I had no real knowledge about the iconic tv actress besides the fact that she was Mary Richards fabulous best friend on the Mary Tyler Moore Show, which then resulted in her own spin off show based on her character, Rhoda Morgenstern.  Turns out Val and I have more in common than I ever would have suspected!

Valerie Harper began her career as a dancer, with high falutin’ dreams of becoming a prima ballerina (just like me) though her body type was not ideal (again, just like me.)  She ended up being a chorus dancer for legendary choreographer Michael Kidd, another person who had enormous influence on me growing up!

But before I give too much away of what I’ve already read, let me encourage you to go pick up a copy for yourself, as I, Rhoda is the first film in my monthly classic film book club! Read along with me and at the end of the month we’ll have a fun recap!

Happy Reading!   Gidget Signature


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