Classic TV Tuesday – The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Well it’s you girl and you should know it, with each smile and every little movement you show it…

Mary Tyler Moore Show

Like millions of others, absolutely adore The Mary Tyler Moore Show.  I came to it also like many others, after watching every single episode of The Dick Van Dyke show and finding myself wanting more MTM.

What I honestly didn’t expect when I first watch season one, was that the supporting characters would be so charming, funny and engaging.  What can I say? I had no idea that Rhoda, Phylis, Ted Baxter, Murray, and Mr. Grant would quickly endear themselves to me, just as they had done to Mary.  They are written with such originality and yet remain relatable.   Not to mention, the performances of the aforementioned characters are nothing short of brilliant, and the style and wit to which they are played have clearly had such tremendous influence on television comedy and beyond.  (I mean, let’s be real, Will Ferrel’s Anchor Man is essentially a dialed up impression of Ted Knight’s Ted Baxter!)

Mary Tyler Moore Show

Mary Tyler Moore Show

Mary Tyler Moore Show

The other element that took me by surprise was how, even though show is set in the 1970’s, with all the fantastic clothes and decor for which the decade is known, I still found the context of many of the episodes completely relevant today.  While the show is clearly set in a place and time, it’s not dated.  Not really.  I love that Mary lives in a tiny studio apartment, and that Rhoda struggles with her self-image and weight, while being incredibly witty in her self-deprecating humor.  I love the obtuse, passive aggression of Phylis and the pressure all of these women feel when it comes to their roles in society.  While sure, women have come a long way for equal rights since the 1st Season of MTM, there is plenty about Mary’s work life that I can totally relate to, as well as how, she’s met with continual questioning about her lifestyle choices.  Yep, totally get that.

Mary Tyler Moore Show

Mary Tyler Moore Show

Mary Tyler Moore Show

The other great thing about The Mary Tyler Moore Show? It’s just plain funny.  I can put it on after coming home from work while I start working on the dinner and it can always make me laugh.  That’s why it’s my Classic TV Tuesday pick, that, and I just plain adore the show!  I am currently about halfway through season 5 of the 7 seasons, but am taking my time in finishing the series… I want to savor it rather than binge!

Mary Tyler Moore Show Laughing

Watch Season One Here!

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