3 Lipsticks for a Classic Hollywood Look

A good friend of mine recently consoled me when I was doubting whether or not I could “pull off” red lipstick:
“Of course you can,” she said confidently. “And it’s time.”
I believed her.  

It’s superficial and silly, but I’ve always loved the look of classic red lips.  And there is a certain confidence that naturally goes along with women who rock it.  Like they aren’t afraid of being noticed.  Damn straight.  Red lips.

So even though I sometimes regret it, I’ve been wearing a red lip on the regular.  The biggest issue I have is merely that my lips are so thin, it’s hard to wear any pigmented lipstick without it feathering or bleeding around my indistinguishable lip line.  But boldly I go ahead; doing the best I can with lip brushes and liners.

In my trials, I have found that all red lipsticks are definitely NOT created equal.  Finding the perfect equation of pigment, tone, shine and texture has required a significant amount of trial and error in the beauty aisle of the drugstore.  But I’ve narrowed it down to three favorites…

What I love about each of these is that, while they are all very pigmented, creamy and matte, they each have a subtly unique undertone.  Rock Steady is a much deeper crimson (reminiscent of Gwen’s look during Tragic Kingdom) while Cruella has a brighter, more true red tone, without becoming too orange (and, being a crayon, the control I have with this one is a huge plus!)  Whereas, Kate Moss’ 107 has a lovely rich rose undertone, making it extremely wearable in my everyday adventures.  

As you can see from the photo above, all three get quite a lot of use, and I find myself tempted to stock up on extras of all three in case they are ever discontinued (which I imagine the Gwen Stefani one will be in the semi-near future since it’s a special collection, and it already seems to be sold out everywhere.)  This is where the Kate Moss color from Rimmel comes ahead of the pack, as it can be bought at most drug stores and cost less than a fiver.  Major win.  
Do you ever rock a vintage red lip?  I would love more color suggestions to try, so if you’re feeling bold leave your favorite lipstick shade in the comments!  

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