Recovering a Couch is Easy! (Sort of.)

Perhaps easy is an overstatement, but as this is my 4th time doing it, I do feel like I’ve basically mastered the skill of unprofessionally reupholstering a couch without any skill.  Here’s the story…

I rescued our tiny little couch from my office during a cross-town office move.  It had been a completely pointless reception area couch that hardly ever got used and as we moved into a swanky new space it was deemed that all new swanky furniture was going to be brought in.  The boss asked if anyone wanted the couch and I immediately squealed out a “pick me, pick me!”  (No one else wanted this thing, so it was a done deal.)  I got the intern to load it into the bed of his truck and drive it to my place.  Easiest couch purchase ever.  
I love this couch for reasons Moondoggie can’t understand.  I love its unusual shape, its mid-century style legs, and its adorable “love seat” size.  It was the ideal size for our pokey, 1 bedroom apartment at the time, and I loved the way it fit into our living room without swallowing the whole room as any modern sofa would have done.  But I didn’t love the color, or the fabric.  Not a problem.  The broke, 26 year old version of me saw no reason that I couldn’t just recover the couch in a fabric I liked… That positive attitude was truly all it took.  I went from this to this….

 Then, after a year or so of the red, I wanted something a bit more 1970’s subdued – Avocado, natch!  I followed the same process for recovering and voila!  It was a whole new couch again. 

We kept the avocado for several years, though I did actually re-do it with the same fabric a few years ago after someone left a giant ink stain in the center of the cushion.  [The culprit was never convicted.]  But about a month ago, I had the urge to change it up again.  In our current place, we have the room to have a bigger couch (I have my eyes set on this one.)  But I wasn’t ready to give up my favorite little love-seat sofa, and the expense wasn’t really in the cards so far this year, so I decided to do one more DIY reupholstery job.  
This time, I selected a thicker fabric in a bright teal shade.  While I adore the color and texture, the fabric wasn’t as malleable as the thinner versions I used before, making this round of couch-covering was actually the hardest yet!  Lesson learned.

I switched up the throw pillows with a couple of citrus-colored round, pintuck pillows from Urban Outfitters and the final result is a truly happy looking couch that totally complements all the bold artwork in our living room.

While it may cost a bit of sweat and tears, I love that I can continue to breath new life and style into my little rescue couch and that, no matter the cover, it continues to look simply classic in my home! 

2 thoughts on “Recovering a Couch is Easy! (Sort of.)

  1. I love it! It turned out beautifully and I'm inspired to give it a go on our couches now! I LOVE the shape of our mid-century mod inspired couches but unfortunately the avocado green fabric has started to wear really badly in a few places that throw pillows no longer hide. With baby #3 making her big debut any day now, we don't want to buy new furniture that will probably end up with baby spit up and crayon marks on it soon anyways. I've considered reupholstering but a little nervous about how it will turn out. May I ask where you bought your fabric?


  2. Thanks Heather! I got the fabric at JoAnne's this time around, but previously I ordered it from which was cheaper. While I like the thickness of this fabric (and I imagine thicker fabric would hold up better with kids) the thinner linen fabric I bought before was easier to manipulate around the couch. You should give it a go!


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