DIY: Easy Clothes-Pin Earbud Organizer

This may be the simplest, quickest, and most useful DIY I have ever shared.  Oh, and it’s also incredibly inexpensive.  Win, win and win some more!

If you’re anything like Moondoggie, you like to have several pairs of earbuds scattered all around the house for easy access when you’re say running out the door to catch the bus, or heading out for a stroll to Trader Joes and you want to listen to an audiobook or podcast.  The problem of course becomes that as earbuds are strewn on tables and hastily thrown into bags they inevitably become totally tangled.  Now I know there are a bunch of products out there these days that guard against this issue, but I never really felt like the problem was worth the price.  Enter the ever-handy clothespin.  
By simply hot-gluing two regular sized clothes-pins together, you can create a neat and tidy coil for your earbuds (and other wires come to think of it.) Then you can toss these perfectly contained spools into purses, bags, and drawers without any fear of knotting up the cord.   If you don’t already have random extra clothes-pins in your craft supplies (I always seem to have them, and I’m not entirely sure why) you can buy a  pack of 100 for a mere $13.  That should last you a while!  Then all you need is a glue gun loaded up with a glue stick and you’re ready to craft!

If you’re feeling fancy, you could paint your clothes-pins, or add some washi tape to give it a but more gusto, but I didn’t feel the need.  This DIY is all about function!

Happy Crafting!  

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