El Guapo

El Guapo is my cat and I am obsessed with him.  Not in a weird way, just in a sweet I-used-to-hate-cats-and-now-I-have-a-heart kind of way.  He was a rescue and allegedly a “project cat” which the shelter didn’t feel inclined to tell little ole me (first time cat owner) until a few weeks into the adoption.  When they called up to see how it was going, I told them that the cat was completely crazed, constantly biting and attacking me and the Husband.  He reminded me of Stitch from Lilo & Stitch.  I was convinced it was his mission in life to destroy me.  Re-homing was discussed, but my extreme fear of failing at owning a pet made me acquiesce to another week of keeping the cat.  

That week was enlightening.  I’m not sure if El Guapo realized it was his last chance, but he seemed immediately calmer.  In turn, I made a conscious choice to stop expecting so much from him. I stopped focusing on all the bad things he was doing, stopped reprimanding, and started accepting.  I accepted the fact that he wasn’t going to ever let me sleep past 7am on a Saturday.  I accepted the fact that the green chair in the living room was now his and he was going to destroy it.  I started giving more treats, and picking him up and hugging him more.  Love began to permeate and I suppose it changed us both.  
As another exercise in acceptance, I made a few scrapbook pages with the photos I had taken of him so far and included lots of cute stickers and graphics that said mushy things like “Purrrr-fect Kitty” and “I ♥ My Cat.”  While I didn’t really feel a lot of that mush just yet, it helped.  
Obviously I called the shelter and told them I would keep the cat.  They were so happy, and I was happy, and El Guapo was happy.  
That’s my El Guapo story. ❤  (^._.^)ノ

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