So when you trip down the stairs and sprain your ankle…

You feel like a complete dope!  (Not to mention, it hurts!)

Gene Kelly Broken Foot

So yeah.  I am taking solace in the picture above, cause if even the great Gene Kelly can break his foot (or ankle, not really sure what he did) then I suppose it’s ok that I did it too.  It just comes as such lousy timing.  Just at the start of a new year.  Just when I had a surge of motivation and a slightly less stressful schedule.  But that’s the way the cookie crumbles.
I suppose the only good thing about spraining your ankle is that it forces you to stay off your feet and thereby have some extra time to watch a few of your favorite feel-good classic films.  My first inclination after the injury was to put on Capra’s You Can’t Take It With You.  In that film, the brilliant Lionel Barrymore plays Grandpa, who, after trying to slide down the banister, also hurts his ankle or leg or something.  The point is, he finds the positive side of the situation by focusing on the fun of using crutches, something he wanted to try when he was a boy.
I’m taking his cue and doing my best to stay on the bright side of this rather ridiculous mishap.  After all, things happen, clumsiness is part of life and bones and tendons heal.  Right?

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