Do I know it’s Christmas

Vintage Christmas Deer with bottle brush trees
This year, Christmas kind of snuck up on me.  And I hate that, because I love this time of year.  The decorations, the songs, the movies… I’m one of those people who gets a bit Christmas-crazed, and usually I start celebrating as soon as the Thanksgiving dishes have been cleared from the table!  And I like it that way. 
But this year, the month got away from me.  I was extra busy, extra stressed and I don’t know, just not that “in-it”… The Christmas spirit that is.  Sure I put up the decorations, I had carols on repeat in the car, I “watched” holiday films, but through it all I was distracted.  I didn’t really allow myself to enjoy it.  Soooo now, I feel like I want to sink into it a bit more.  Sure Christmas Day may have passed, but I am planning on keeping up all the decor, keeping my sense of celebration, and rocking the tunes through the “12 Days of Christmas,” which gives me till the 6th to keep my spirits merry and bright.  
Who knows, maybe I can keep the cheer going throughout all of 2016?  (I will take the tree down and stop the caroling though, I promise… I’m not THAT crazy.)  

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