Life as of Lately


I’ve been working a lot.. Weekends, night shifts, and the 9-5.  I’ve pulled the face Mary Tyler Moore is doing in the above pic more than a few times in the last 2 weeks.  So many things (like blogging) have been pushed to the back burner recently.  But here’s a little recap of some of the things in my life lately….
+ I went “Sleepless” at work and this new event was one of the coolest things I’ve had the pleasure of working on.  But the whole thing took place waaay pat my bedtime, so ever since my body-clock has been a bit off.
+  I joined SnapChat.  And while I was rather adverse to the platform at first, now I’m actually really loving it.  In a strange way, it feels like classic social media.  Super personal and totally in real time. Follow me with username: firebirdzine.
+  It’s been bloody hot.  And I think the heat has been melting away my will to be productive.
+  I’ve been loving all the high-necked tops and dresses that seem to be coming into fashion.  I bought a bunch of these shirts from American Apparel and I feel like they are the perfect autumn staple (even if it is still 100 degrees outside!)
+  I’ve been listening to Jessie Ware quite a bit.  Perfect for getting me through the work day.
+ Contemplating trying Pop Physique.  The OG studio is right near my bus stop, so it’s been on my mind.  But I’m sooo out of shape, I’m nervous that a class may kill me! Has anyone tried it? Love to get your feedback!
+  Husband and I tried to have a date night to see the indie film, The Second Mother, but got our times wrong and what could have been an epic date-night-fail ended up with us having dinner at  on of our favorite westside restaurants, Sotto, instead.  Not too shabby.


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