7th Year Hitched – St. Vincent and Silverlake Favorites

It’s been a bit quiet round the blog lately because I decided I needed to spend some time offline celebrating a personal milestone – my 7th wedding anniversary with husband.  It’s amazing to think how time has flown, how much has changed, and how a few important things have remained the same.  On August 30th, we celebrated our actual wedding anniversary by going to see St. Vincent (and Erykah Badu, though we didn’t stay for her set) at The Hollywood Bowl.  It was a great show.  St. Vincent is like…  a real rockstar!  She’s like Bowie.  A total performer.
Earlier in the day, Husband allowed me to go shopping at a couple of my absolute favorite shops here in Silverlake – Clover over on Rowena Ave. and Yolk on Silverlake Blvd.  They both have the coolest stuff and I picked up what I like to call “a toy surprise” at both.  I got a gold necklace with a tiny heart charm at Clover and a bottle of my new favorite perfume – Leila Lou at Yolk (smells so delicious!)


Then we extended the celebrating to this past Saturday and enjoyed a special dinner out at another Silverlake establishment, Alimento.
Alimento, headed by chef Zach Pollack, serves up some delicious authentic Italian food, in a small, casual setting.  The restaurant was a bit loud for a romantic dinner, and I wasn’t knocked out by the starters, but my main was like, the most heavenly pasta dish of my life!  (It was the radiatori with pork sugo, kale and fennel pollen in case you want to try it!) Our dessert was pretty amazing too, and the wine was simply to die for!
The rest of the weekend we took things easy, visited my parents, caught up on laundry, that sort of thing… All in all, it’s been a nice couple of weeks.  Actually, it’s been a nice 7 years!  Here’s to many more! 😉


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