Around the World in Beauty Products – Finland Favorites

Continuing my exploration of beauty products from around the world, today I wanted to share my favorite finds from Finland…

I sort of stumbled upon this line of products one day at CVS when I was looking for a moisturizer with Vitamin C.  Lumene’s Bright Now collection not only has antioxidant rich vitamin C in each of their products, but also uses arctic cloudberry to brighten and tighten skin.  They’re all about “arctic skin science.  The result?  Beautiful skin, light yet flawless coverage and a natural glow.  
Here’s a breakdown of my favorite products from this Finland-based beauty line….
1.   Bright Now Blur Line & Pore Minimizer By far the best blurring product I’ve tried, this lightweight formula is the perfect primer for your daily look, and even works wonders for those “no makeup” kind of days, bluring lines and imperfections like nobody’s business. 
2.  Bright Now Vitamin C Day Cream An all around perfect daily moisturizer with SPF 15 and a smooth creamy finish that hydrates as it brightens.
3.  Bright Now Vitamin C BB Cream I simply adore how light and natural this BB cream leaves my skin.  With SPF 20 to boot, this is my go-to everyday BB cream which I use instead of traditional foundation.  
4.  Bright Now 2n1 Eye Cream & ConcealerLike the name suggests this product packs a double whammy with a luxurious eye cream on one end and a medium coverage concealer on the other.  Basically it’s your two post-night-out essentials in one lovely package!  
Bottom line?  I absolutely adore this product line.  Having used it for a good six months now, I can definitely feel and see a difference in my complexion.  These Finnish products are definitely worth a try!  

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