5 Summer Essentials for Pale Skin & Limp Hair

Summer is a time for sun dresses, sun-kissed skin and laid back hairstyles of beachy waves…
Even though I suppose you could say that summer is coming to a close, August is still pretty sunny and hot around these parts.  And with UV rays as harsh as they are, even short periods of time in the sun can do serious damage.  If you’re anything like me and suffer from having a very pale skin tone and a cancer-prone skin type, it’s even more crucial that you protect yourself not only on hot sunny days, but year round.  
From protecting my skin to amping up the volume on my flat, limp hair, to just having brightly colored nails for the season, these are my can’t-live-without summer essentials…

From left to right:

I use this sunscreen sparingly because it’s a bit pricey for a very small bottle.  When I do use it, I focus primarily on my face whenever I may be exposed to a lot of direct sunlight, like say on the beach or at a picnic with limited shade.

I just love how punchy and bright these colors are – Perfect for summer!  I put the coral on my fingers and the bright ocean blue on my toes for a colorful summery look.

I know there are a LOT of sea-salt, beachy-wave hair sprays out there, but this one if my absolute favorite!  It comes from Olivine Atelier, and has a wonderful fragrance similar to my favorite perfume from the same shop.  I just spritz into my damp hair, scrunch and go.  I find myself with an awesome, voluminous mane of messy waves that lasts all day!  Another technique I love, is spritzing this on a messy updo – it will help keep my hair in place, but will also give it a cool textured look when I let my hair down.   Total surfer girl look.  DONE! 
+ Protecting Lip Balms – Carmex and SunBum

So often, we forget that our lips can get burned and suffer sun-damage if we don’t protect them as well!  I use Carmex to heal any dryness and then add a coat of SunBum lip balm in Grapefruit (which I picked up at a surf shop in Kauai) to add a layer of SPF 30.  

I bought this on a whim, not expecting to like it… You see I’ve used other “spray-on” sunscreens before and got majorly burnt, so I have never really trusted them. But this one blew me away!  It goes on easily and soaks in fast.  Plus it doesn’t leave you feeling sticky all day.  I use this every day before going to work on my arms, neck and chest just to protect on daily sun exposure.  It’s my final fix before walking out the door each morning.  Just a few sprays and I am ready for fun in the sun! 

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