How to Do Picture Framing on a Budget: Bulldog Clips

I love the look of gallery walls, and enjoy adding cool prints, paintings, and pictures to my home that add new layers of style and personality.  But eee-ghads framing can be expensive!  Even cheap picture frames you can snag at places like Target tend to run at lead $10 a frame.  Before you know it, you’ve spent a hundred dollars on frames that you don’t even like that much!

My solution?  Bulldog clips.  They are like the Cadillac of binder clips.  These basic office supply clips allow you to hang your artwork and pictures in a fun, casual style that’s at once practical and polished!  All you need is a set of clips and some nails and you can start hanging pics at a handsome price of around a dollar total (factoring the cost on 1 clip and 1 standard nail.) 
I bought my bulldog clips in a a set at Target, but you can also buy them in bulk through Amazon. To keep the consistency of my living room decor, I painted a few of them gold using Krylon Metallic Gold spray paint.

I really like the end result and it’s so easy to switch up what you have on display with this method, you can quickly customize your wall displays for each season or mood!

(My lovely flamingo print is by local LA artist Rachel Brown.)

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