Jet Lagging and Coming Down from Wonderful

Husband and I just got back from a two week epic adventure in England and France, (which is why I haven’t blogged one bit in over two weeks) and coming down from the high of this whirlwind trip is rather challenging.  
On the one hand, I’ll admit I kind of like jet lag when I come home because I suddenly become an early riser – waking up at 5am and full on passing out tired by 10pm.  It feels good.  It feels like I can be productive in the early morning.  I always try to maintain this jet-leg schedule when I come home from Europe, but never do.  Eventually I fall back into my old ways of getting to bed around midnight and dragging myself up at 7:30.  Maybe this time will be different.  
On the other hand, getting back to a “normal” routine after rushing all over Europe to see sights, meet up with friends, and hang out with family, all while eating and drinking way too much, well it feels deflating.  How do you just go back to life as usual?  Especially since this was not the kind of vacation where you relax on a beach and come back all dewey and refreshed.  On this trip we literally never stopped moving.  Each day was full of excitement and new people, new places…. I still haven’t even begun to process it all!
So in an effort to hold on the moments a bit longer and begin to process all the amazing things we did and saw, I’ll be sharing my favorite moments from our travels on the blog this week.  Hope you enjoy! 

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