New Fashion Favorite: A Wallet That Charges My Phone

Like many of you out there, my phone is like an extension of my person.  I have it with me at all times.  It organizes my life, it helps me stay connected, it provides all kinds of entertainment, but it’s also a crucial part of my day job – managing and creating social content.
More often then not, I am using my phone all day for work and doing everything from uploading files, sending emails, taking pics, editing photos, posting content, and creating short films.  And there’s been a time or two when, no matter how prepared I am, I’ve been out in “the field” covering an event on social, often working in an area with a low wifi signal and my phone battery runs clean out.
So when I saw this adorable (and useful) wallet on Photojojo (a favorite website of mine) I knew I had to have it!
Not only is it totally fashionable and functional as a sturdy, zippered clutch for all my credit cards and essentials, it has a built in battery charger for my phone and the perfect little pocket for me to leave my phone to charge up while I’m on the move.  Brilliant.
I’ve only used it a couple times so far, but each time it works great and gets the job done.  Beyond functioning as a wallet, this would also work as a cute makeup bag, pencil case or sewing kit too! 

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