Coffee Calls

I have a few vices that I simply love so much, that I make a point of taking time to really enjoy them.  One of these is coffee.  I LOVE coffee!  And it’s something I actually didn’t start drinking until I was about 25.  (How I went so long without it seems crazy now!) 

For the most part, I consider myself fairly unfussy about my coffee, but in recent years, I have gotten slightly more snobby about the best way to brew a perfect cup.  I outgrew the traditional Mr. Coffee machine that we got as a wedding present.  I tried Keurig and while I like the convenience, just never felt it matched the taste of freshly brewed coffee.  The best method I’ve found for brewing a truly delicious cup of coffee every single time, is a basic French Press.

Here are the rest of my morning must-haves for a truly brilliant brew! 
 I always grind whole beans fresh (another thing that makes a huge impact on taste in my opinion) and brew them in our Bodum French Press.  We received a basic Kitchen Aid grinder as a wedding present and it’s worked great ever since.

And I AM the kind of girl who likes to add sweet flavored creamer to her coffee.  (I know I just lost some coffee snob cred by admitting that.)  But I like to fancy it up a bit by frothing it in a milk steamer first.  This inexpensive one from Verismo totally does the trick and makes my homemade cup of coffee as tasty and frothy as a coffee-shop version!

And that’s basically it!  Three simple tools, plus a spoon, and the coffee’s on!  Cheers!
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