Winter Blushes

While winter-time is not prime for bearing bronzer and faking a sun-kissed look, it’s completely cool to have a winter rosy glow.  Having very pale skin year round, I am a big believer in blushes, but during the colder months, a well tinted blush can actually work wonders for my complexion and give me a healthy glow.  
Lately, I’ve been favoring these two drugstore gems: NYX Blush in Cinnamon and Revlon Highlighting Palette in Rose Glow.  
The each give very different results, but are both beautiful pigmented, blend easily, and look natural while adding just the right amount of color.  

I use the NYX blush when I want a rosy “just-stepped-out-of-the-cold” look.  I imagined that it would be too bright and too red when I saw it in the store, but a light dusting on the apples of my cheeks yields the perfect amount of rouge that’s at once sweet and sophisticated.
For a more etherial look, I opt for Revlon’s Rose Glow highlighting palette.  The colors combine perfectly to create a light pink glow that adds just the right amount of sparkle for the season.  I sweep this across my cheeks and brow bones for an effortless glow that I simply love!

Happy Blushing!

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