Bestia is the Best (for a birthday!)

For my birthday this year, Husband took me out to dinner.  This is generally what I prefer to do.  Not too many bells and nary a whistle.  Parties are usually hard so close to Christmas and, to be honest, I tend to feel more comfortable with a low key affair.  
This year it was indeed a low key affair – dinner for me and the Husband – But oh WHAT a dinner! 
photo from Bestia website

We went to Bestia, which is one of the hottest restaurants in LA at the moment and one that’s occupied our must-try list for a while.  Nestled in the Arts District of Downtown, this off-the-beaten-path restaurant looks like little more than a warehouse from the outside.  The vibe inside was busy, but causal.  Waiters were clad in jeans and had hipster haircuts.  They were playing the Arcade Fire. It was cool.  
Good thing I was wearing my coolest outfit!

The place could get by on cool-factor alone if it wanted to, but it doesn’t have to, because… OMG the food!  The food was incredible!  By far the best Italian food of my life and one of the most enjoyable, filling, and delicious meals I’ve ever experienced.  (Which is really saying something, cause I have had a lot of good ones!)

Everything from the cocktails to the wine, to the entrees and the desert were flavor perfect and so fresh and yummy.  If life could be a dream, I would eat at Bestia every night!  
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