32 is better than you think…

It was my birthday last week, and… there’s no way to sugar coat it – I’m 32.
Getting older is bizarre.  You think you know what’s going to happen, and where you’ll end up at certain ages, and more often than not, your life takes a completely different course.  Fact is, as I look back on the year and think about all the possibilities of age 32, I am pretty stoked.  I’m not exactly sure what I thought I’d be doing at 32, but I am proud to say that now that I’m here, I’m happy with things at the present moment (which is actually the only moment we have…. See how deep and philosophical I’ve gotten?) 
For my birthday this year I got a slew of awesome presents, and sweet birthday wishes from friends old and new, but I think my favorite gift by far would have to be from Husband… His presents had extra meaning, as they were upgrades of the gifts he gave me when I turned 22 years old – Just when we had first begun dating and the first birthday we ever spent together.  
A decade ago, he surprised me with pink flowers, a CD of my latest band obsession – Pulp’s A Different Class – and a bootleg copy of my favorite TV show ever, The Wonder Years.  It had been taped off TV and some of the discs would skip, but I didn’t care.  It was such a sweet and unexpected gift!
This year, he out did his original b-day gifts with gusto!  I awoke to find pink flowers once again, the same Pulp album on vinyl and a brand new package of official Wonder Years goodies which included the complete series with all the original music plus bonus features, a CD of music from the show, a t-shirt, duffle bag, yearbook – the works!  
It was incredibly thoughtful and a total surprise.  Plus, I think it’s swell that his gift shows how far we’ve come, but also how we’re still those young crazy kids in love! 

I have a feeling 32 is going to be awesome.

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