Mason Jar Snow Globe Tutorial

When I saw these beautiful Mason Jar snow Globes at Anthropologie, I knew they had to be mine…Then I checked their price tag and I knew I had to make them myself.  And how easy are they to make?  On a scale of 1 to 10, they are a 1.  These simple crafts can be made with just a few basic items and take all of 5 minutes.  Here’s the how-to:

You’ll need-
Mason jars with lids
Miniature Christmas Trees (these were bought at Michael’s)
Fake Snow (bought at Pottery Barn)
Glue Gun

Start by gluing your trees to the flat saucer like lid by using just a dollop of hot glue.  Be sure to glue it to the side of the lid that goes inside the jar.  Mine were already white colored, but if yours aren’t you may want to add a coat of white paint first.

Next pour just a bit of snow into your mason jar. 

Close the lid onto the mason jar with the tree pointing downwards.  When you lid is securely shut, flip the jar over, letting the snow fall on your tree.  Tap to get the snow in bare patches.

And that’s it!  Beautiful homemade Anthropologie-Style snow globes that you can make for well under the $35 dollars I would have paid to buy them.  Fabulous and festive!  
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