Holiday Yarn Wreath How-To

About 4 years ago, I discovered the joy of crafting with yarn.  And not knitting or crocheting, but rather just “crafting.”  There are so many projects and cool, retro effects you can get with yarn.  Plus it’s inexpensive and comes in more styles and colors than you could ever possibly want.  So there’s lots of potential in yarn.  (Yep, yarn has potential guys.)
My first yarn craft fix was a basic yarn wreath.  I was hooked on how easy and quick the project was, and loved the finished product – Fun, colorful and festive.  I started making a bunch of yarn wreaths and now have one for pretty much every holiday.  Looking back, I do think that some of my color combinations were a bit questionable, and I’m not in love with all my choices of embellishments, but now I think I have things down to a fool-proof system.  Here’s my latest yarn wreath triumph…
The main ingredient in this wreath – simplicity.  I used just one color yarn, a nice fluffy white, and wrapped it to completely cover a foam wreath form.  I secured the beginning and end with a sewing pin on the back.  That usually is enough to hold the yarn, but for extra security, you can add a dab of glue. 
Then, I wrapped some green ric-rack on top of the yarn, spacing it as evenly as possible and wrapping at a 45 degree angle.  Again securing with a sewing pin at the back.  
Finally, I added my poinsettia embellishments.  I think that felt embellishments look the best when dealing with yarn wreaths and keeps the whole project looking rather vintage and kitchy.  Using a stencil, I cut out three poinsettias (each is two pieces, one laid on top of the other) on red felt and a few leaves on green felt.  After arranging the flowers on my wreath, I simply secured the pieces with more sewing pins.  I used ones with pretty green tops, so they work perfectly to secure the flowers and function as the center of each flower.  
I added some green satin ribbon for hanging and presto – all done and ready for hanging!  
I’ll be sharing a couple more Christmasy projects soon, so stay tuned for more yarn potential! 🙂 

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