A Very Awesome Advent Calendar

I must admit, Husband and I do usually buy one of those Cadbury Advent Calendars with the paper doors and chocolate shaped like snowmen inside (and we probably will do again this year) because cheesy though they may be, we love them and it’s tradition.  But, thanks to my Aunt Christy, I have another advent calendar in my home that’s much prettier… As such, this one has a special spot in our living room…

The great thing about this advent calendar is that it was completely homemade and uses vintage items like a forgotten earring, old broaches, and homemade bows and tags.  Each day we simply take an item off the calendar and hang it on the adjacent white feather tree and voila!  As Christmas approaches, the little tree will get more and more dazzling with creative ornaments!

The best thing about this advent calendar is that it would be easy to replicate (with a bit of a knick knack collection anyway) and makes a superb gift.  All you need is a stretched canvas, 24 tags, 24 “ornaments” tied up with string, 24 brads and number stamps.  Simply stamp your tags, then measure out the spacing of your tags for each row and attach them to the canvas with the brads.  Then simply add your ornaments and you’re done!

Happy Advent Calendaring! 

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