My life had been pretty crazy over the last two months, mainly because I’ve been working a lot.  I’m the kind of person who likes to throw herself into projects completely.  If I am going to attempt something, then I am going to give it my all, 110% all the time.  Otherwise, I may as well not do it.
It’s actually a great way to work, because no matter what happens, I can be proud of the effort I put in.  Only downside is, I sometimes don’t know when to ease up, let down and call it a day.  
I find separating myself from my work to be difficult.  But I also know it’s necessary at times.  I know quite a lot of my peers struggle with this issue and I don’t know that there is an easy fix, but I figure one of the best ways to take myself out of my left brain to-do listing and worrying is to bring myself into the present with a currently list.


I’m watching quite a bit of old Seinfeld and Friends episodes.

I’m learning about YouTube and experimenting with creating video content.

I saw LA Dance Project’s latest show at the Ace Hotel in DTLA and it left me feeling both enraged and inspired… At least I felt something, right?

I’m planning a bunch of crafts.

I’m reading several books at once, which I’m kind of enjoying.

I’ve been enjoying decorating for Halloween and making some subtle changes to our home decor.

Husband and I have been eating a lot of veggie only dishes.

I’m contemplating the concept of starting to listen to Christmas music; is it too soon?  Is it ever?

I’m attempting to go to bed earlier.

I’m still missing Kauai.

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