Reading List

I truly don’t feel like I get the time to read anymore (which is actually silly, because I have time, I just use it in other ways) so now reading something purely for pleasure seems like the ultimate luxury!  I collected the following 4 books recently to kick start my reading habits and give myself some fun and enjoyable to read.  Here’s the run down…

#Girlboss – It seems that all my girlfriends have read or are reading this book right now, so I thought I’d take the plunge too.  I’ve gotten mixed reviews from many of them; some saying it’s really inspiring, others saying they find it annoying.  Either way, I am just tucking into this book and I’m finding it thoroughly enjoyable!  
Someday, Someday, Maybe – I bought this book based on two things:  My blog friend Kerry recommended it and I love Lauren Graham.  I read the whole thing in a matter of days while on vacation in Kauai and became completely engrossed.  Even though I never tried to “make it” in the acting biz, I found this book to be a funnily refreshing look at the humorous ups and downs of coming of age in the business we call show.  Loved it!
Hector and the Search for Happiness – Another super fast read, this is the little book that could, boasting global sales and a new film starring Simon Peg.  Written in a very child-like manner the book takes a look at the age old question plaguing adults – What is happiness?  I enjoyed the story, but must admit that I would have hoped for a bigger resolution.  
The Night Circus – This is one I bought on a whim.  I mean, circus people, magic, romance?  Sign me up.  I have yet to read The Night Circus, but I am looking forward to the night I crack the spine like indulging in a guilty pleasure resembling reality TV, but in book form, which is far more sophisticated!  
So that’s what’s been on my nightstand!  What have you been reading lately?  If you have any good recommendations please leave me a comment! 

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