Current Sounds: X Priest X

When it comes to music, I find I like the genre alt-pop.  It’s alternative, It’s swimming against the current, yet it’s pop music.  It’s light in sound, though not always in meaning.  It’s just good.  
My current alt-pop favorite – X priest X.  Their sound has a wonderful 80’s, John Hughes-movie twinge to it, combined with the unassuming sweetness of Madeline Priest’s voice.  She’s a former ballet dancer, and I often feel like I’m drawn to recovering ballerinas – whatever the art – because maybe there’s some kind of subconscious recognition.  I don’t know.  But regardless of that, the EP Samurai from this Florida-based duo is just plain delightful.  Listen to it with a bottle of rose on one of these perfect LA summer evenings.  Trust me.  

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