Dazzling Dishwasher

I realize that this post title may be one of the cheesiest titles in the history of the internet and I’m pretty much fine with that!  Because you see, our last place didn’t have a dishwasher, and I used to always say that the day I had a dishwasher would be the day I’d know I had ‘made it.’  Well, I guess I’ve arrived because our new place came equipped with a real dishwasher!  (It may have been one of the items that really tipped the scale in favor of us moving in fact.)  
And it’s a great dishwasher, as far as dishwashers go.  It gets the job done, and has seriously made my time in the kitchen far more pleasant.  But it was pretty plain.  So I decided to give it a little sprucing!

Following my gold color theme, which runs throughout our apartment, I added bright gold stripes to the front of the washer.  The stripes are basically tape, but rather than using something super sticky or really thin, I opted to use the Easy Stripe wall decals from Walls Need Love.  I love the end result and as an added bonus, the stripes come of easily and can be repositioned as much as I like!  As you can tell from my last post about them, my experience with Walls Need Love has been nothing but positive, and I just love all the possibilities! 

What a wonderful washer, huh?  

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