Once more with feeling

I have been going through something of a decompression over the last couple weeks, which is why it’s been so quiet here on this blog.  Things have been forever busy with work and by the time I get home, the last thing I want to do is be on my computer, so I’ve been trying to stay off.  I haven’t been signing into Twitter or Instagram.  I haven’t been checking my personal Facebook feed or anything.  

It’s nice to take a break, but I also miss all my blog friends and online connections.  I miss this space and the inspiration it gives me just by sharing ideas, projects, art and music.  So here I am, making an effort to give blogging another go round – really.  
In conjunction with this resolution, I have a bit of blogging news to share with you all!  If you’ve been reading my blogs from the early days, you’ll recall a little thing husband and I were doing called the Los Angeles Burger Quest.  We began it in September of 2011, with the sole purpose of discover what was truly the best burger in Los Angeles….. And we are still not done!  With so many acclaimed burger joints, recommendations and new restaurants opening in LA, it’s become the quest that never ends! We’ve tasted over a hundred burgers and we always seem to have about 50 still to go on our list.

Since the quest has become so epic, we finally decided to make it a blog of it’s own!  We’re still fixing it and putting on some finishing touches, but you can head over there now to read all our previous reviews along with some new ones at  LABurgerQuest.blogspot.com.    
We’ve also segmented the labels so if you’re looking specifically for burger shakes or brunch burgers or burger chains you can click our filters and find just what you want!  
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