Mastering Your DSLR Course

Let me level with you guys – I am something of an online e-course junkie.  I just love them!  I love that I can learn new things, sharpen my skills, or unlock some new creativity from the comfort of my laptop, and at my own pace.  Most e-courses are work at your own pace, and don’t expire, so it makes it super easy to go back and refresh what you learned, or take your time at completing the lessons.  I’ve taken scrapbooking courses, sewing courses, graphic design courses, even meditation courses all online!  
Currently, I’m enrolled in A Beautiful Mess’ course Mastering Your DSLR with Candice Stringham, and even though we’re only a week in, I am so glad I decided to take it.  This class is somewhat structured, with a weekly schedule, and assignments, but it still is set up in a way that allows me to tackle each lesson around my schedule, which can be a bit manic this time of year! 
I have already learned so much in this course and am truly excited to see what the next 5 weeks bring.  Plus, I can already tell that it’s going to allow me to get so much more out of my camera… It seems crazy that for years I’ve been satisfied with “winging it” and ignoring the majority of features on my DSLR.  

Here’s a bit more info on the course, and I’ll be sure to share some of my snapshots throughout the coming weeks!

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