Home Life – Reusable Wallpaper

So here’s a little hint to all of you who rent out there…. Reusable wallpaper.  It can rock your world, and make your bland eggshell white walls feel way more fun!  In our new place, I’ve tried two different brands of the wonder wallpaper – which requires no water or adhesive, and can be peeled and reused again and again.
Not only does this make it relatively so much easier to install, it also isn’t permanent and won’t leave any damage to your walls.  Pretty cool, huh?

In our bathroom, I used a floral print I found on Walls Need Love – I am obsessed with the vintage style of this print, but the bold colors of pink and black keep it feeling current.  Walls Need Love also have a slew of awesome wall decals, even Banksy designs, that would add a fun accent to your room!  
Then for our bedroom hallway, I used a teal and white mod print from Divine Color for Target.  This space was much harder to wallpaper as it’s really tall, there are steps involved, and I don’t have the best step-ladder.  In fact, I had to rig a pretty crazy system in order to complete the task, and there were moments when I thought it was hopeless.  But despite all that, the wallpaper held up, even after being peeled and reapplied several times!
All in all, I’m a big fan of the reusable wallpaper, and I am so glad that more companies are producing it!  While it can be a bit pricey for how much you get, the pay off in style and impermanence is totally worth it if you’re like me and are still renting.     

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