Tutorial – Make a Customized Iphone Case

Iphone cases have become as important to accessorizing your look as earrings or a purse.  So it’s only natural to want to customize one to your own tastes and styles.  Here’s a super simply way to do just that.  You will need:

♥  1 Speck Clear Iphone Case

♥   Selection of photos sized to fit your phone…Depending on how many you want to collage.  You can       also use magazine or catalog clippings, fabric, wrapping paper, you name it!

♥   1 Piece of plain printer paper

♥   Clear Double Sided Tape

♥   Scissors

Simply trace the IPhone case on a plain sheet of paper, and be sure to trace a cut-out for your camera.  Cut it out and put aside.  
Now comes the fun part.  Create your design from magazine clippings, catalogs, photos, whatever and arrange it on your paper.  Once you have it the way you like, secure it with your double sided tape. 

Trim any access and simply place on the inside of your case before attaching you phone.  And that’s it! I love the idea of continuing to change up the design depending on my mood or the seasons – The possibilities are endless! 

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